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Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski: Everything Fell Together

Обложка книги Christian Jankowski: Everything Fell Together

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ISBN: 1879003422
Издательство: Des Moines Art Center
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 200
This survey of Christian Jankowski's career in film, video, photography and installation is the first to track his progress from 1992 to 2005. Over that time, Jankowski has come to the fore with a circular method of creation in which the very process of making a video, film or installation becomes the content of the work. His interest in studying the relationships and boundaries between fiction and documentary, art and commerce, art and the public and art and popular culture has brought him into collaboration with children, magicians, customs officials, artists, therapists, psychics and television preachers, giving them what seems to be creative responsibility, but quietly retaining the framing and, of course, the last word. Jankowski's subtly funny and decidedly engaging critique of the nature of contemporary art production makes him one of the most thought-provoking image makers working today. The exhibition upon which this book is based was highlighted by ! Artforum as one...