Обложка книги Daniel Richter: Huntergrund

Daniel Richter: Huntergrund


ISBN: 377571801X;
Издательство: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Страниц: 223

Daniel Richter's earliest paintings depict a colorful, hallucinatory cosmos somewhere between graffiti and objectless abstraction. A few years ago, already a star on the German scene, he opted to shift his focus and devote himself entirely to figuration and historical painting. By taking up and advocating for once-maligned and neglected genres, Richter politicized his paintings--not on the world stage but on the art-world stage--and connected to the art of the 1980s. Richter's most recent works combine set pieces from art history, mass media and pop culture to create his own worlds and narratives. Daniel Richter, conceived and designed in collaboration with the artist, presents selected works from the past five years, up to his latest.

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