Обложка книги Doug Aitken: Alpha

Doug Aitken: Alpha

ISBN: 3905701111;
Издательство: Jrp/Ringier
Страниц: 120

Description: A¬I became restless with the flat surface of the screen so the work gradually evolved into the rest of the space,A® says Doug Aitken of his multichannel film work. Lately he has been projecting from multiple points onto a single structure. And he has turned from wide-open and lonely landscapes (Electric Earth, Diamond Sea) to wide-open and lonely people (new skin). The protagonist of the surreal Alpha, played by cult actor Udo Kier is both: as he travels, he dematerializes and becomes the space that he inhabits. Luckily for readers, Aitken is as bored with the square shape of the conventional book as he is with the conventional screen: this collection of Alpha images, accompanied by text from the artist, is bound in the shape of a head in profile.