Обложка книги Goya


ISBN: 0375711287;
Издательство: Knopf
Страниц: 448

Robert Hughes, who has stunned us with comprehensive works on subjects as sweeping and complex as the history of Australia ( The Fatal Shore ), the modern art movement ( The Shock of the New ), the nature of American art ( American Visions ), and the nature of America itself as seen through its art ( The Culture of Complaint ), now turns his renowned critical eye to one of art history’s most compelling, enigmatic, and important figures, Francisco JosA© de Goya y Lucientes. With characteristic critical fervor and sure-eyed insight, Hughes brings us the story of an artist whose life and work bridged the transition from the eighteenth-century reign of the old masters to the early days of the nineteenth-century moderns. With his salient passion for the artist and the art, Hughes brings Goya vividly to life through dazzling analysis of a vast breadth of his work. Building upon the historical evidence that exists, Hughes tracks Goya’s development, as...

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