Обложка книги Henri Matisse: Figure Color Space

Henri Matisse: Figure Color Space

ISBN: 3775716017;
Издательство: Hatje Cantz Publishers
Страниц: 383

No other subject inspired Henri Matisse with such passion throughout his career as the female figure in interior settings. This is the most comprehensive publication to cover the topic of women in the work of the great regenerator of European painting, and in so doing, it covers the full spectrum of MatisseA­s creative evolution, from the small, somber, early pictures to the masterly compositions of his Fauvist phase, the intimate pictorial inventions of the Nice period, and finally the luminous paper cutouts of his late work. Many of the interiors show women reading, sleeping or daydreaming, passive figures enveloped in Oriental fabrics, costumed as odalisques or reclining on chaise longues. Additional motifs include the artist and his model, the artistA­s studio, the portrait, the still-life, and the view from a window. Figure Color Space offers an in-depth survey of this important subject in MatisseA­s work, through which he developed and continually explored his rich and...