Обложка книги Jan De Cock: Denkmal

Jan De Cock: Denkmal

ISBN: 9080842427;
Издательство: Atelier Jan de Cock
Страниц: 632

Belgian wunderkind Jan De Cock's latest publication is a slowly unfolding, thought-provoking masterwork that reads much like his renowned sculptural installations--which the artist sees as monuments to Modernism, hence the title Denkmal. Winner of the Plantin-Moretus prize, it uses structural challenges to the book format to offer an entirely new reading experience. Its large format, variety of papers, special cover treatment and 632 pages conspire to reveal a dense web of images and ideas that cross-reference not only De Cock's own increasingly admired oeuvre but also the entire structure of history into which it is read. Capitalizing on the sequential nature of the book, which the artist likens to film, De Cock guides the reader through this volume much in the way a viewer would experience his sculpture. He presents to the world his Trojan Horse: a book that will certainly be picked up for its cover, but will also draw you into its world of mysteries.

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