Обложка книги Lee Lozano: Seek the Extremes!

Lee Lozano: Seek the Extremes!

ISBN: 3938821493;
Издательство: Verlag Fur Moderne Kunst
Страниц: 112

Lee Lozano (1930-1999) was an advocate of radical art, perhaps best known for her "boycott" of women: After the early 1970s she claimed she never spoke to a woman again. Near the same time, Lozano declared her retirement from the art world. Her drawings and paintings are overwhelming, urgent and transgressive, and later they became monochromatic. Her acidic raptures were far ahead of their time, but have come to prominence since: In 2004 P.S.1 hosted an important and widely reviewed posthumous exhibition. In this monograph, Kunsthalle Wien contrasts Lozano's work with that of Dorothy Iannone. While Iannone and Lozano are markedly different, Lozano's more hard-charging work shares with Iannone's an uncompromising attitude and determined political engagement, along with many visual characteristics. Their radicalism, humor and sometimes bitchy attitudes complement one another revealingly.

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