Обложка книги Leonardo's Machines: Da Vinci's Inventions Revealed

Leonardo's Machines: Da Vinci's Inventions Revealed

ISBN: 0715324446;
Издательство: David & Charles Publishers
Страниц: 200

Building on the success of The Da Vinci Code--a bestseller in 48 countries--this book brings inventions from the artist's original coded notebooks alive. There's more interest than ever in Leonardo Da Vinci, and here readers will find a rare glimpse into the innovator's brilliant mind, with: -Gorgeous color artwork that breathes life into Leonardo's inventions--from flying and war machines to musical instruments -Annotated diagrams that show exactly how each contraption would have worked -A look at how the inventions would be used in modern life With incredible detail and mechanical accuracy, Leonardo's Machines unlocks the mystery of the artist's notebooks in a way that's both fascinating and educational!

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