Обложка книги Mona Lisa: Inside the Painting

Mona Lisa: Inside the Painting

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ISBN: 0810943158;
Издательство: "Harry N. Abrams, Inc."
Страниц: 128

Applying the cutting-edge forensic techniques of television's CSI to the world's most famous painting yields a fresh look at an old friend in Mona Lisa . A step-by-step examination of how Leonardo's masterwork was constructed, using the late advances in scientific observation, measurement, and analysis, this book almost literally peels back the layers on one of the most iconic images in world history. How did Leonardo prepare his panel, mix his paints, and compose his picture? For the first me ever a team of experts looks at these questions with an exacting scientific eye. Their answers shed light on both the mind of Leonardo and the wider world of Renaissance painting. A fascinating combination of science, forensics, and art history,his gorgeous, oversized volume outdoes even the most imaginative novelist in cracking da Vinci's creative code.

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