Обложка книги Picasso: Life with Dora Maar

Picasso: Life with Dora Maar

ISBN: 2080305212; 9782080305213;
Издательство: Flammarion
Страниц: 240

Dora Maar, born Henriette ThA?A©odora Markovitch in 1907, was a talented artist in her own right. While studying painting, she soon found a passion and gift for photography, and became a prominent member of the Surrealist movement. This catalogue traces her relationship with Picasso, from the time of their first meeting in late 1935 through 1937. Picasso expert Anne Baldassari demonstrates how those years were critical for both artists, and how their interaction provided mutual inspiration through the mid-1940s. The relationship is set within the context of major historical events, from the Spanish Civil War and the Popular Front, to the rise of fascism and World War II. This chronological account brings a legend to life, allowing the reader unique access to two artistic minds. Maar s photographs, alongside Picasso's drawings, paintings, and poems, serve as a guide through the critical period in which these two figures influenced one another. Preserved in her studio archives,...