Обложка книги Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

Revolution: The Art of Jon Foster

ISBN: 1599290030;
Издательство: Underwood Books
Страниц: 128

Jon Foster creates irresistibly dark demimondes populated by retro robots, Star Wars villains, and creepy goth-inspired creatures that recall the work of James Gurney ( Dynotopia ), H. R. Giger, and past masters of the grotesque like Goya. Yet his work is inimitably his own, from the noirish lighting, off-kilter angles, and kinetic sense of movement to his singular technique of starting a project with oils and then scanning it into a computer to add more startling visual effects. This collection samples a wide range of Foster’s work, reprinting paperback art for novels by Michael Moorcock, Paul Collins, and Liz Williams, along with a selection of his work for Wizards of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering game cards, DC Comics covers (including Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic ), and his unusual images for National Geographic. Some of his most striking work as conceptual artist for a forthcoming animated film based on The Diary of Anne...

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