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Tacita Dean (Contemporary Artists)

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ISBN: 0714844284;
Издательство: Phaidon Press
Страниц: 160

How do you define the present? How do you capture something so fleeting that the very second it is acknowledged, it is already a memory? This constant shift in moments, tenses and time - both the transitory and the oppressively long - is what the English artist Tacita Dean explores in her installations, photographs, video art and drawings. TACITA DEAN by Jean-Cristophe Royoux, Germaine Greer and Marina Warner, is the first major monograph to cover the work of this internationally respected artist. An unusual artist, known to use several artistic mediums at once, Tacita Dean is among the most sophisticated new artists working today. Born in England but currently working in Berlin, she is a truly international innovator. Although she emerged in the 1990s, Dean has a quiet depth that sets her apart from the hype of the `cool Britannia' scene. Dean's unique creations reveal her inquisitive, almost detective-like, interest in life's most dramatic and mundane...

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