Обложка книги Terry Winters: Local Group

Terry Winters: Local Group


ISBN: 0974038121;
Издательство: Pratt Exhibitions
Страниц: 92

The first place the reader encounters text in this book of assertive graphite drawings is its next-to-last page. There's no title, no table of contents, and no introduction--itA­s all drawings from the front cover straight through to A¬Afterwords 101, A Short Answer QuizA® by Francine Prose. Prose rises to meet WintersA­s work with an homage that is art in itself, an unconventional, sweet, funny poem evoking the artistA­s symbol language and his ideas, and analyzing them even as it mocks that assignment. One question reads A¬By what signs are the following recognized?A® The list, in order, is a blob, a lump, a smudge, a mistake, an intention, and an egg. ItA­s both sharp and mysterious, and itA­s insightful enough to bring readers back to page one seeking answers.