Обложка книги Thomas Mcknight's Arcadia

Thomas Mcknight's Arcadia

ISBN: 0865651558;
Издательство: Vendome
Страниц: 192

Thomas McKnight (b. 1941) is one of the most successful artists in the United States. Best known for his celestial interiors and landscapes of the world's most beautiful places, his work has also explored an interior world he calls Arcadia-a place where ymphs linger by ancient springs, oracles speak, and angels fly. In a burst of creativity over the last decade, McKnight has developed a new style to depict these interior visions. The canvases are large, textured, and evoke the patina of ancient frescoes-nd more than 100 of these new paintings are featured in this book, along with insightful commentary by Italian art critic Francesco Colonna. Thomas McKnight's Arcadia is a handsomely designed new monograph that will transport the reader to he paradise of the painter's imagination.

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