Обложка книги Visions of Nature: The Art And Science of Ernst Haeckel

Visions of Nature: The Art And Science of Ernst Haeckel

ISBN: 3791336649; 978-3-7913-3664-0;
Издательство: Prestel Publishing
Страниц: 299

A famous biologist and scientist, Haeckel was also enormously influential in the art world, particularly the Art Nouveau and Surrealist movements, and his elaborate and mesmerizing illustrations are the subject of continued interest by artists and designers. From his minutely detailed renderings of radiolarians and his vivid depictions of embryonic development to his softly colored landscapes of the Italian countryside, these vibrant reproductions of Haeckel's art works demonstrate a profound appreciation for nature's intrinsic design that will continue to inspire artists for generations to come. This volume also features numerous never before published works. One of the foremost scholars on Haeckel's work explores in this book his revolutionary and often contentious theories in evolution, as well as his contributions as a scientist and explorer. Haeckel's influence on modern art and culture is also highlighted in the introduction. Fusing scientific thought with philosophy and...

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