Обложка книги Zero Built a Nest in My Navel

Zero Built a Nest in My Navel

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ISBN: 3905701529;
Издательство: Jrp/Ringier
Страниц: 293

Using photography, video, painting, drawing, sculpture, sound and text by turns, this Swiss-born, New York-based artist, a virtuoso of forms and techniques, develops surprising sensorial environments. He especially likes to destabilize the viewer's perceptions, to unsettle their certainties. Rearranging content and formal elements in a personal poetic with elements taken directly from the outside world, he draws us into a synesthetic experience. This monograph, released on the occasion of his first solo exhibition in a major British cultural institution, re-creates this work in all its richness, documenting certain pieces and most of his solo exhibitions over the last 20 years. Rondinone is represented in New York by Matthew Marks Gallery and in London by Sadie Coles HQ.