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Lars Svendsen

Fashion: A Philosophy

Обложка книги Fashion: A Philosophy

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ISBN: 1861892918
Издательство: Reaktion Books
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 188
Fashion is at once a familiar yet mysteriously elite world that we all experience, whether we’re buying a new pair of jeans, reading Vogue , or watching the latest episode of Project Runway . Lars Svendsen dives into that world in Fashion , exploring the myths, ideas, and history that make up haute couture, the must-have trends over the centuries, and the very concept of fashion itself. Fashion opens with an exploration of all the possible meanings encompassed by the word “fashion,” as Svendsen probes its elusive place in art, politics, and history. Ultimately, however, he focuses on the most common use of the term: clothing. With his trademark dry wit, he deftly dismantles many of the axioms of the industry and its supporters. For example, he points out that some of the latest fashions shown on runways aren’t actually “fashionable” in any sense of the word, arguing that they’re more akin to modern art...
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