Обложка книги Photographing People: Portraits, Fashion, Glamour

Photographing People: Portraits, Fashion, Glamour


ISBN: 294037807X;
Издательство: Rotovision
Страниц: 256

The best-selling lighting guide - now updated with even more photos and diagrams: 100 great photographs and the setups behind them. Side- and plan-view diagrams for each photo. Revised and expanded to include more pictures and the latest technology. Now available revised and updated in paperback, the best-selling Photographing People is an inspiring and comprehensive showcase of exciting work from photographers around the world - and full explanations and diagrams of the lighting setups behind each picture. Portraits, fashion, and glamour photography are included here, all accompanied by detailed 3D diagrams plus expert explanations and advice on solving problems that might arise in similar situations. Helpful to beginners and professionals alike, this book is packed with inspiring photographs - and all the details needed to re-create the lighting and obtain remarkable results. Издание на английском языке.

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