Обложка книги Pierluigi on Cinema

Pierluigi on Cinema


ISBN: 8888359176;
Издательство: Photology
Страниц: 288

Pierluigi Praturlon was born in Rome in 1924, and grew up to become a photographer in the cityA­s cinematic golden age, the prime of la dolce vita. As FelliniA­s on set collaborator--shooting both stills and proto-paparazzi candidsA?legend has it that Pierluigi was the one to suggest that Anita Ekberg climb into the Fontana de Trevi. Before the 1950s and 60s were over, he had collaborated with nearly every important Italian director and with the scads of Americans then making movies in Italy. This survey of PierluigiA­s work is also, perforce, a survey of cinema and celebrity during the 50s and 60s: Ben Hur, La Dolce Vita, Matrimonio allA­italiana, Pink Panther and many others. His studio portraits include actors such as Marcello Mastroianni, Claudia Cardinale, Anita Ekberg, Peter Sellers and Raquel Welch, and he spent many years as Sophia LorenA­s official photographer. As the 60s drew to a close and American productions abandoned Italy, Pierluigi resumed his relationship with...