Обложка книги Textiles of Central and South America

Textiles of Central and South America

ISBN: 1861268262;
Издательство: Crowood Press, Limited, The
Страниц: 192

A handsomely illustrated survey of the textile traditions and techniques of Central and South America, featuring 200 color photos. The rich textile traditions of Central and South America stem from a society whose culture is firmly rooted in the weaving of cloth. This book looks at both the differences and the similarities between the weaving and textile techniques and traditions of the various Latin American countries, and explores the symbolic meanings of the designs woven into or imprinted onto the cloth. Topics covered include design and production, including types of looms and the various methods of spinning and dyeing; fibers and thread, yarns and fabric sources; manipulated thread crafts, including knitting and crochet, plaiting, knotting and netting, and needle-laces; embroidery, both hand and machine; beadwork, both embroidered and strung; and finishing, decorative edging, and fringing.