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Tracey Zabar

Charmed Bracelets

Обложка книги Charmed Bracelets

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ISBN: 1584793341
Издательство: Stewart, Tabori and Chang
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 96
The Eiffel Tower in miniature, a tiny silver teddy bear, or perhaps a platinum disk engraved with a date: Every charm on a bracelet has special meaning for its wearer: history on a wrist. Tracey Zabar, premier crafter of charm bracelets, explores the enduring appeal of these chic, sweet accessories in Charmed Bracelets . Beginning with the amulets and talismans of ancient times, she discusses the origins of charms, then showcases a selection of exuberant ornaments from the charm-crazed 1950s and concludes with present-day bracelets. Charmed Bracelets includes suggestions for selecting trinkets around a theme, be it foreign cities or favorite movies, and provides instructions on how to maintain the jewelry. Beyond embellishing a bracelet, Zabar also describes other clever applications for charms: to customize a dog collar, for example, or bedeck the ribbons on an exquisitely wrapped birthday present. A guide to buying charms completes this enchanting gift...
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