Обложка книги Madonna in Art

Madonna in Art

ISBN: 1904957005;
Издательство: Chaucer Press
Страниц: 192

In 1977,Madonna Louise Ciccone moved from Michigan to New York City, re-christening herself simply `Madonna'. Six years of hard work in the clubs of Manhattan with a succession of bands propelled her to the forefront of the New York scene. In 1983, her self-titled debut album was released, and the hit singles `Holiday' and `Borderline' soon followed. Then came seventeen consecutive top ten hits, a further ten albums, and roles in nineteen feature films, from her debut in the 80's classic Desperately Seeking Susan to the steamy thriller Body of Evidence. Multitalented, controversial in her own proud sexuality and a dedicated campaigner for sexual tolerance, Madonna is one of the great Millennial Icons, a one-woman pop phenomenon who has pushed back and blurred the boundaries of the music, film and fashion worlds. `Madonna in Art' is a celebration of the Pop Goddess at every stage of her career. A testament to her unique global impact, it features work by over a hundred artists,...

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