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James S. Freemantle, Stephen Freemantle

The Psalms of David

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ISBN: 0688013120
Издательство: William Morrow
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 352
The Psalms of David James S. Freemantle Foreword by Stephen Freemantle Back in print, The Psalms of David is a unique, beautifully illustrated edition of the revered religious work, also known as the Book of Psalms. The lifework of a little known genius, this facsimile edition of a magnificent hand-painted illumination of the Psalms of David is a stunning tribute to love and spiritual devotion. Born in India, James Freemantle traveled through the Middle East during his years in the British Army. Shortly after his second marriage, he began this hand-lettered, illustrated volume for his beloved bride, Clara. For the next thirty years, he periodically worked to transfer the psalms into a book that would physically match the lyrical beauty of the poetry. Throughout the book one finds the brilliantly colored blooms of India: the jacaranda, the flame-of-the-forest, huge yellow laburnums, brilliant poinsettias, and highly...