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Yoko Takenami, Kakko Tsuruka

The Simple Art of Japanese Calligraphy

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ISBN: 1402714394
Издательство: Sterling
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 128
Magnificent and plentiful images of finely wrought Japanese calligraphy teach the techniques and spiritual essence that underlie this ancient, elegant art. In Japan, calligraphy is more than an art: it’s practically a religion, in which every stroke and every character should reflect the writer’s own spirit and personality. This lovely and illuminating introduction presents the wonders of Japanese calligraphy, and shows how to create the 3 basic sets of characters in use today: the Chinese kanji characters, which represent an entire word visually, and the 2 phonetic alphabets, hiagana and kakatana . Practical and detailed exercises demonstrate how to handle the brush; generously sized illustrations capture the characters’ every line and curve; and 15 beautiful paper, ceramic, and fabric projects provide dazzling examples of this uniquely Japanese craft. As your skills develop, decorate an Evening Fan with a short poem,...
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