Обложка книги Angry Little Girls

Angry Little Girls

ISBN: 0810958686;
Издательство: Harry N. Abrams
Страниц: 80

This hilarious collection introduces the online comic started by Lela Lee when she was a sophomore at U.C. Berkeley in 1997. The comic now has a dedicated following of thousands of fans, and Angry Little Girls products are showing up everywhere as hot new licensed merchandise. At the center of Angry Little Girls is Kim, the little Asian girl who's so angry she shakes. There's also Deborah, the disenchanted princess ("Dear Diary," Deborah writes, "I feel fat"); Maria, the crazy little Latina given to overly profound thoughts; Wanda, the fresh little soul sistah who can be just a bit too upbeat; and Xyla, who's so full of doom and gloom that a cloud of rain follows her. The book also features a problematic boyfriend and a quiz to determine "What kind of angry are you?" AUTHOR BIO: Lela Lee is an actress who has appeared on such shows as Will & Grace, Friends, Scrubs , and Sci-Fi Channel's Tremors . She lives in Los Angeles.

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