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Morrison H. Heckscher

John Townsend: Newport Cabinetmaker (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

Обложка книги John Townsend: Newport Cabinetmaker (Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications)

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ISBN: 030010717X
Издательство: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 240
John Townsend (1733–1809) is one of the most revered cabinetmakers of Colonial America. He spent his life in Newport, Rhode Island, leaving a uniquely large body of documented work. This handsome and generously illustrated book—the first publication ever devoted to Townsend—looks at the life and legacy of this extraordinary cabinetmaker. The book opens with an overview of Newport and a discussion of other important cabinetmakers, including Job and Christopher Townsend, John’s father and uncle. John worked as an apprentice to his father before establishing his own shop when he was twenty-one. The catalogue section of this volume presents new color reproductions, including details of carving and construction and inscriptions and labels, of all thirty-five documented pieces by John Townsend. Comparative works by Christopher, Job, Job Jr., and Edmund Townsend as well as by John Goddard, another significant Newport cabinetmaker of the time, are also...
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