Обложка книги The Education of a Graphic Designer

The Education of a Graphic Designer

ISBN: 1581154313;
Издательство: Allworth Press
Страниц: 352

This compelling collection of essays, interviews, and course syllabi examines how changing professional standards in graphic design have revolutionized the way design is taught, learned, and practiced. Forty-two top designers and educators talk theory, offer proposals, and discuss a wide range of educational concerns, from the dichotomies between theory and practice to the importance of mastering traditional media versus the need to learn new media and remain flexible in a changing world. Included are twenty-six essays; interviews in which such notables as Milton Glaser, April Greiman, Louis Danziger, and Sheila de Bretteville uncover how they acquired their knowledge of design and translated it into their careers; and a diverse and stimulating selection of course syllabi designed for the increasingly specialized needs of both undergraduate and graduate students. Contributors: Roy R. Behrens, Andrew Blauvelt, Max Bruinsma, Jay Chapman, Moira Cullen, Paula J. Curran, Louis...

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