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Helen Walters

300% Cotton: More T-Shirt Graphics

Обложка книги 300% Cotton: More T-Shirt Graphics

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Серия: Art Design
ISBN: 1856694917, 978-1-85669-491-9
Издательство: Laurence King
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 144
More than a cheap article of clothing, the T-shirt is a portable personal ad, its wearing declaring their political/musical/social affiliations for all the world to see. Since the 1960s the T-shirt has provided a forum for expression, where anti-war slogans mixed with early counter-culture classics such as "Keep on Truckin'," and tie-dye mingled with the debut of that hardy perennial, the tour T-shirt: album cover graphic on the front, venue details listed on the back. This book reflects the diverse and rich graphic culture that has arisen from the medium, considering its use in areas such as music, politics and fashion. Featuring photographs of T-shirts worn on the street, specially commissioned T-shirt graphics, T-shirt collections, and the best and coolest graphics from around the world, 300% Cotton will appeal to designers, illustrators and art directors, as well as a general market of T-shirt enthusiasts and collectors.
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