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Buddy Scalera

Comic Artist's Photo Reference: People and Poses

Обложка книги Comic Artist's Photo Reference: People and Poses

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ISBN: 1581807589
Издательство: Impact Books (OH)
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 144
The ultimate reference for comic artists, this unique book/CD set is packed with photos of men and women in basic and dramatic superhero poses uniquely tailored to the comic artist's needs. Comic Artist's Photo Reference: -Delivers over 500 color images of beautiful women and muscled men in the poses comic artists need -Features six step-by-step demonstrations by well-known artists, so readers can learn firsthand from the pros -Comes with a CD-ROM of over 500 additional photos for added inspiration With this reference, comic artists of all skill levels can draw from a diverse group of models in a hundreds of poses--any time they want!