Обложка книги Designer's Guide to Color: Boxed Set

Designer's Guide to Color: Boxed Set

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ISBN: 081185678X;
Издательство: Chronicle Books

For designers of all stripes, here are all five volumes of this ever-popular (over half a million sold in the series), ever-reliable color reference series back in print and in a new boxed set that brings them together for the first time. A dependable and indispensable tool that has withstood the test of time in a digital age, no design library would be complete without this enduring collection. Each volume contains more than 1000 color combinations for anyone making decisions about color. Volume one presents innovative color combinations, volume two is concerned with brightness, volume three with pattern, volume four with tone, and volume five with the ways in which color combinations can be used to represent emotion. This is the definitive collection of the original color combining guides.

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