Обложка книги Domicilium Decoratus

Domicilium Decoratus

ISBN: 0061143936; 9780061143939;
Издательство: Regan Books
Страниц: 192

An acclaimed interior designer and author of the "Los Angeles Times" bestseller "Modern Glamour", Kelly Wearstler presents sumptuous photographs of one of her most incredible design achievements yet - her family home, the Hillcrest Estate With her impeccable taste, fearless technique, and discerning eye for color, shape, pattern, and texture, Kelly Wearstler's status as an internationally acclaimed interior designed is unparalleled. With buoyant ease, she will confidently cover walls in iconic graphics, select a captivating animal figure as a focal point, or add a lush expanse of contrasting color to an otherwise monochromatic space. Combining grace and flawless skill, she can change a simple room into a work of art. Her home is no exception. "Domicilium Decoratus" reveals the most private and challenging undertaking of her career: her family's timeless, astonishingly designed residence. Originally published as a limited-edition book, "Domicilium Decoratus" features...

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