Обложка книги Dubai Architecture & Design (Architecture & Design Books)

Dubai Architecture & Design (Architecture & Design Books)

ISBN: 3937718478; 978-3-937718-47-7;
Издательство: daab
Страниц: 236

Only a few decades ago, Dubai was merely a tranquil Bedouin city. Today, the skyline of a boomtown rises from the desert. Reports about it are distinguished by superlatives. In particular, reports regardign new buildings in this country of little shadow overshadow anything that has been constructed before. Burj Al Arab, currently the world's largest luxury hotel, with its also technically unique facade is just one example of these buildings. Palm Project or Hydropolis, both visionary, artificially created islands belong to the same category. As does the construction of the world's highest apartment tower. Dubai presents a kind of preview of the ultramodern - a trend that is also reflected in the design of various restaurants, hotels and label stores. Representing the most important gate to the Middle East, this city is primarily one thing: thoroghly international and with incredible power on its way to a new future. This is the theme of this book, with chosen objects and crucial...

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