Обложка книги Framed!: a Baby Blues Treasury

Framed!: a Baby Blues Treasury


ISBN: 0740761943;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Страниц: 240

Tadpoles in the toilet, backseat border wars, emergency homemade diapers . . . welcome to another year in the life of the never-a-dull-moment McPherson family. While sister Zoe and brother Hammie's budding sibling rivalry reaches new heights (and volumes), baby Wren is making great strides of her own. With the advent of "the climbing phase" no coffee table, countertop, or bookshelf is too high. Bound into this beautiful treasury is a bonus feature: A special magnet for framing your favorite Baby Blues strips on your refrigerator! For the past 16 years, the team of Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott have given readers a too-funny-to-be-true, too-real-not-to-be insider's view of the American dream. They get the details and dilemmas so right, in fact, that it's a wonder they haven't been indicted for domestic surveillance. Baby Blues is syndicated in over 1,000 newspapers worldwide with a readership of 40 million-most of them operating on very little sleep.

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