Обложка книги Green Design

Green Design

ISBN: 0976224585; 9780976224587;
Издательство: Mark Batty Publisher
Страниц: 192

A fuel cell powered backpack and clothes made from sonic fabric are just two of the innovative ideas included in Green Design. By examining how companies such as American Apparel and Lego have been able to understand their places in the business world as places in the physical world, Green Design shows how designers and companies that take progressive, creative approaches to products and product marketing can satisfy bottom lines as they maintain environmental and social values. Though the book features color photographs of all the small products mentioned, Green Design is not a glorified catalog. It is a collection of products that exemplifies the work of designers leading the trend for people to downsize and upgrade their lives for the betterment of one another and the world we share. With essays by writers who have collectively contributed to Wired, Mother Jones, NPR's All Things Considered, Entertainment Weekly, The Asian Wall Street Journal, Print, The San Francisco Chronicle,...

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