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Cheree Berry

Hoorah for the Bra: A Perky Peek at the History of the Brassiere

Обложка книги Hoorah for the Bra: A Perky Peek at the History of the Brassiere

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ISBN: 1584795271
Издательство: "Stewart, Tabori and Chang"
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 48
It was in 1914 that Mary Phelps Jacob set women free?from the prison of the corset. With a little help from her lady's maid, this ingenious New York socialite stitched together two handkerchiefs and a long pink ribbon to fashion the world's first-evr brassiere. (Jacob later sold her patent for $1,500?to a company that went on to make $15 million off her invention.) The rest, as they say, is history?a history that's amply, titillatingly documented by designer Cheree Berry in Hoora for the Bra . The 20s' flat-chested flappers, the 50s' bullet-bosomed bombshells, the eye-gouging cones of Madonna's Blonde Ambition -tour bustier: this provocative pop-up book reveals it all. The straps and the cups. The underwire and th padding. The elastic and the Lycra. The demure pink satin and the racy midnight lace. Hoorah for the Bra tells a tale that doesn't sag and presents a cast of characters?mail-order moguls, brassiere-torching...
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