Обложка книги Inside Cuba

Inside Cuba

ISBN: 3822845973;
Издательство: Taschen
Страниц: 416

Fiesta Cuba: living in the Pearl of the Antilles Described by Christopher Columbus as "the loveliest land ever beheld by human eyes," Cuba's sumptuous landscapes are marked by sun-drenched tobacco and sugar cane fields and its cities ripe with music, dancing, and jubilation. Celebrating the relics of Cuba's revolutionary glory days, this book explores everything from the kinds of interiors seen in Buena Vista Social Club to top-notch luxury hotels and cultural heritage sites. Via a diverse selection of Cuban homes, hotels, gathering places, and more, Inside Cuba takes you on a colorful tour of Cuba's most archetypal interiors. Just mix up a Mojito, pop in a Compay Segundo CD, and fire up a cigar?you'll be in the perfect mood to savor these luscious Cuban gems.