Обложка книги Jam-Packed FoxTrot

Jam-Packed FoxTrot

ISBN: 0740760408;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Страниц: 192

Meet the Fox family: Roger, the sports-enthusiast father stuck in the middle rung of the corporate ladder. Andy, mother and mediator of the family. Always wanted lots of kids. Now knows better. Her gourmet specialty?A?tofu casserole. Peter has never known a food he couldn't eat, but otherwise is a typical high schooler. Inherited the sports nut gene from Roger. Paige. Egads, a freshman! Mall rat, Cosmo queen. Knows full well Mr. Right is right around the corner . . . or the next one . . . or the next. Jason is the youngest sibling. This warped little genius' favorite pastimes include tormenting his sister and get-rich-quick schemes. And finally, Quincy, Jason's iguana. Vomits on Paige's pillow when not sleeping or eating. What more could a 10 year old boy ask for? FoxTrot is a hugely popular comic strip, with twenty-three successful collections and nine treasuries. Appearing in over 1000 newspapers, three million FoxTrot books are in...

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