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Mangaka America: Manga by America's Hottest Artists

Обложка книги Mangaka America: Manga by America's Hottest Artists

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ISBN: 0061137693, 9780061137693
Издательство: Collins Design
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 148
As the Manga Boom sweeps the continent, a new wave of fresh, young talent has emerged, leading the way in the American manga scene! Mangaka America features incredible art, fascinating tutorials, and insightful interviews with some of North Americas hottest professional manga creators! Showcasing exclusive never-before-seen art and tutorials on everything from character design to digital toning, this book will inspire both art fans and aspiring artists alike. Don't accept imitations—get manga-making advice straight from the pros! Read the artists' own words as they describe their tips and techniques, and share their best work. You'll find everything from Gothic Lolitas, to gritty mechs, to sweeping shoujo, and more! Featuring a forward by American manga pioneer Adam Warren ( The Dirty Pair, Livewires ), Mangaka America is a must-have for any manga lover's bookshelf!