Обложка книги Monsieur Lambert

Monsieur Lambert

ISBN: 0714846236; 978-0-7148-4623-1;
Издательство: Phaidon Press
Страниц: 166

A Classic Graphic Novel by World Renowned Cartoonist; Available in English for the First Time "Goodness! Isn't Monsieur Lambert here today?" - the waitress, Monsieur Lambert Jean-Jacques SempA?A© is one of the most successful and best-loved cartoonists in the world, best known from his drawings that have graced the covers and pages of the New Yorker and Paris Match for decades. SempA?A© has published numerous graphic novels in his native France, but never before have they been translated into English. Phaidon Press is delighted to announce the first English translated publication of SempA?A©'s best-selling graphic novel, MONSIEUR LAMBERT, translated by Anthea Bell, a gentle and unmistakably French story with beautifully detailed drawings and poignant text. MONSIEUR LAMBERT offers a glimpse into the everyday lives and secret passions of a group of regulars at a small Parisian bistro, who see each other for lunch every day, without fail. They are creatures of...

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