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Paul Zelanski, Mary Pat Fisher

Shaping Space: The Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Design

Обложка книги Shaping Space: The Dynamics of Three-Dimensional Design

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ISBN: 0534613934
Издательство: Wadsworth Publishing
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 304
As an introductory guide to three-dimensional design and sculpture, SHAPING SPACE offers an engaging, in-depth exploration of aesthetic and practical considerations of working three-dimensionally. By presenting both conventional artistic wisdom and new approaches that stretch and transcend the old definitions of what can and should happen in a work of art, SHAPING SPACE challenges students to encounter ideas that have never occurred to them and to become more aware of the limitless potential of shaping space. Now in full-color throughout, the text explores the latest changes and applications in the field including computer-aided and computer-made sculpture, craft techniques, multicultural art, art as social and political commentary, architecture and industrial design conceived sculpturally, public sculpture, sculpture parks, and performance art. To help introduce and broaden three-dimensional awareness and technical skill, suggested studio projects provide structured assignments that...
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