Обложка книги The New Big Book of Color

The New Big Book of Color

ISBN: 0061137677; 9780061137679;
Издательство: Collins Design
Страниц: 384
Формат: Твердый переплет

The New Big Book of Color is the second volume of its kind. The Big Book of Color in Design became a top seller in the graphics world. As we approached the new book, our goal was to make an even better volume. One change you will notice is that color formulae shown for each piece now includes not only CMYK for printed pieces, but also RGB for Internet use. So, for the designer who sees a great color combination, and wants something "just like that," the process is simple: the color mix is right there for you to use. Another addition to this book is a brief commentary on each piece. The more experienced designer may well find the notes interesting, but they are aimed at younger designers and are a learning tool a couple of steps beyond the classroom. I hope you find this book to be useful and full of ideas for what I call "solitary brainstorming." D. Carter

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