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Lou Lv, Zhang Huiguang

The T-Shirt: A Collection of 500 Designs

Обложка книги The T-Shirt: A Collection of 500 Designs

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ISBN: 159253306X
Издательство: Rockport Publishers
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 400
Perhaps the ultimate icon of this generation, the T-shirt originated from tea and shirts. The history claims that seventeenth-century workers downloading tea boxes from boats in the harbor of Annapolis in the US wore a kind of short sleeve shirt that was eventually named the T-shirt in reference to the tea as well as form of the shirt, which resembled the letter "T:. By the 1920s, the word T-shirt appeared in official U.S. dictionaries. Over time, what was originally just a form of warm-weather work clothing has evolved and developed a life of its own. The T-shirt, in its simplist form, makes a statement about the wearer. Whether political, artistic, or humorous, a T-shirt displays a message that reflects the ideals of the wearer. T-shirts are one of the world?s most prolific forms of graphic message and personal statement, both commercial and personal. This collection looks at the T-shirt and its many forms. The chapters include The Legend of the T-shirt, Power of an Idol,...
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