Обложка книги Try Rebooting Yourself: A Dilbert Collection (Dilbert Book)

Try Rebooting Yourself: A Dilbert Collection (Dilbert Book)

ISBN: 0740761900;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Страниц: 128

Maybe, just maybe, the reason Scott Adams is able to so completely and utterly skewer the absurdities of the modern workplace is that deep down he really enjoyed his many years as a cubicle dweller. Perhaps his comic strip Dilbert is nothing more than a cleverly disguised 17-year-long love letter to corporate America. And maybe, just maybe, monkeys will fly out of Donald Trump's butt. In Try Rebooting Yourself , AMP's 28th Dilbert collection, the world's most dysfunctional office family is back and doing what it does best. Wally adroitly steers clear of new assignmentsA?and perfects his "work grimace." The Pointy-Haired Boss (PHB) thinks of new ways to demoralize and disenfranchise his employees. (As part of a new strategy to make the pension plan solvent, he reminds employees "Smoking is cool.") Dogbert continues his lucrative consulting business. And Dilbert, alas, he soldiers and smolders on, searching for intelligent life in the corporate universeA?and...

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