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Visual Rocks: The Heart of the Music Video

Обложка книги Visual Rocks: The Heart of the Music Video

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ISBN: 9889899205
Издательство: Systems Design
Год издания: 2006
Страниц: 112
If music is a universal language, then music videos are a universal sign language. Visual Rocks takes you to the heart of the music video with in-depth interviews with 19 of the world's most creative designers & production companies who have produced stunning music videos for the likes of Coldplay, Beck, Gwen Stefani and Bright Eyes that have pushed the boundaries of the art form and raised the bar for subsequent efforts. When the ear meets the eye under the guidance of a gifted creator, the outcome is a new kind of art one that will not only rock your mind and trigger your inspiration but will also heighten your awareness of both the music itself and conceptions of contemporary visual design. VisualRocks comes with a DVD that features all the music videos featured in its pages. Whether you listen and watch and then read, or read and then listen and watch, or do all three at the same time you are assured of an exciting, exhilarating and provocative experience.
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