Обложка книги Motor Learning and Performance

Motor Learning and Performance


ISBN: 073604566X;
Издательство: Human Kinetics Publishers
Страниц: 381

Motor Control and Learning: A Behavioral Emphasis has proved itself to be a major text in the field. Now it has been completely revised, updated, and expanded in light of new concepts in motor behavior by two of the leading researchers in the field. New features include the addition of ? more than 450 references to research published since the second edition; ? completely updated artwork, including 42 new figures; ? new, practical examples from areas such as human factors, sport, physical therapy, and music; and ? a chapter on coordination research objectively presented from two different theoretical perspectives: motor programming and dynamic pattern theories. The text's 14 chapters are organized into 3 parts. Part I, ?Introduction to Motor Behavior,? introduces the fields of motor control and learning, including a brief history, the tools of motor behavior research, the information-processing approach, and the role of...

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