Обложка книги Opera Coaching: Professional Techniques and Considerations

Opera Coaching: Professional Techniques and Considerations

ISBN: 0415976014;
Издательство: Routledge
Страниц: 224

Opera Coaching is the first practical guide for pianists, singers, and opera producers to this important--and often neglected--career. The opera coach is a teacher who helps singers not only meet the physical and vocal demands of a score, but--like the dramatic coach--shapes their entire performance. The opera coach must have a wide knowledge, from a full understanding of human physiognomy and the human voice, to the many languages used in Western vocal music, to the entire expanse of the opera repertoire, from its roots in 17th century sung drama through today's most modern compositions. Opera Coaching covers all of these topics and more, making it the ideal resource for anyone interested in this fascinating career.