Обложка книги The Color Purple: A Memory Book

The Color Purple: A Memory Book

ISBN: 0786718447;
Издательство: Carroll & Graf
Страниц: 176

From the Pulitzer-prize winning novel by Alice Walker, and the moving film by Steven Spielberg, has come a soul-stirring new musical and landmark Broadway hit that has critics and audiences on their feet. A musical that evokes a unique emotional response, it tracks the story of its heroine, Celie, from sexual abuse by her stepfather to physical abuse by her husband to “a roof-raising story of triumph.” This gorgeously producedcompanion volume revisits what is so powerful about the show. The Color Purple: A Memory Book has the look and feel of a beautiful antique scrapbook, a keepsake for those who have experienced the musical and want to be able to experience its soaring emotions at any time, or who want to share Celie’s journey with their loved ones. But it will also be a memory book of the road The Color Purple took — from Alice Walker’s memories right through to the sketches for the costumes and sets, from the cast's own...

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