Обложка книги The Performer's Voice

The Performer's Voice

ISBN: 1597560677;
Издательство: Plural Publishing
Страниц: 330

This book provides a focused approach to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders in professional vocalists and singers. It is complex enough to be of value to the otolaryngologist or speech-language pathologist with an interest in expanding their voice practice, but written in a straightforward style that allows singers and vocal coaches to gain valuable insights. Oriented toward the clinical aspects of what happens when a singer or actor presents for treatment of a voice problem, the contributors address the anatomy, physiology and neurology of the vocal mechanism to orient both practicitioners and patients in the correct management style rather tha in the exact details of management of voice disorders. Thus, this book tells the practitioners and clinicians what they have to know to provide state of the art treatment to the professional singers and actors and educates professional voice users in what to look for when seeking the best treatment. The text is...