Обложка книги The World's Greatest Elephant

The World's Greatest Elephant

ISBN: 0399241906;
Издательство: Philomel
Страниц: 48

It's unbelievable but true! Born on the same day in the same small, German circus town, young Bram and his elephant, Modoc, had a lifelong friendship that spanned over eight decades. But it was never easy. From the breakup of the circus to the shipwreck in the Indian Ocean that nearly cost them their lives, the bond between the boy and the elephant survived the most unimaginable trials. This true story of their adventures together, and eventual rise to circus stardom in the Ringling Brothers Circus, will be a treasure for animal lovers everywhere. The beautiful, life-like illustrations by Ted Lewin make the perfect backdrop to this amazing chronicle by Ralph Helfer.

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