Обложка книги A History of Western Art

A History of Western Art

ISBN: 007282719X;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages
Страниц: 608

This beautifully presented text tells the story of western art in its historical and cultural context. A History of Western Art introduces your students to the major periods, artists, and artistic styles as they evolved over time. Your students will gain an in-depth understanding of important historical developments by focusing on fewer works in greater detail. "I like the clarity and organization of the historical progressions, the inserts, plates, and maps. " - Joan V. Messenger, Miramar College " A survey is the most difficult kind of textbook to write and I think the author's achievement is very good. The text is accessible to the novice without being condescending. The complexity of successive periods in the history of art is introduced clearly and concisely - the introductory chapters on the formal elements of art are especially useful." - Michael Gur, Dickinson College

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